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use a vpn if you are trying to post. NOT TOR — by admin at 06/14/20 (Sun) 03:33:14

Just to let everyone know. If you are trying to post and currently using tor browser For whatever reason Recaptcha does not enjoy tor and will not work. Just use a VPN and a regular browser. If it weren't for the crazy amounts of spam that would come in without captcha being enabled we would turn it off, That however is simply just not an option. We will look into a different solution later. Just not now.


meta might be fixed — by admin at 05/12/20 (Tue) 01:04:06

so far its looking like post can be made in meta by the admins and mods. guest can reply in those threads.

So let us know what boards you would like to see added over in this thread here https://anonymousmedia.org/board/meta/res/1.html

Meta board needs work. — by admin at 05/11/20 (Mon) 04:49:57

So we are slowing getting things in order here. For now I can see /b is working. /meta is having some sort of issue that I'll look into hopefully tomorrow. However this really shouldn't concern anyone aside from admins for now.

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